5 Important Amazon Selling Tips to Grow Your Sales

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1. Gain Reviews

Gaining some positive reviews on your listing is essential if you want to gain a consistent income from your Amazon sales. Reviews are the first place people look when shopping online, with a glowing review being all that you need to push a consumer to make a buying decision.

To start building a solid foundation of reviews for your products, get in touch with customers shortly after your product has been delivered to ask for a review and some feedback. This way, if your customers do have anything negative to say, you can resolve the issue before it becomes a negative review on your listings.

You can even use Amazon to automatically request reviews from your customers and ask for a star rating.

2. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Don’t sit back and relax once your Amazon listings are optimised and launched, there are plenty of other aspects to becoming a successful Amazon seller. One of these is eCommerce customer service – you need to go above and beyond when dealing with both prospective, current, and returning customers.

Should you get any negative feedback or complaints about your products, tackling these positively and professionally can turn a negative exchange into a profitable one.

3. Use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Amazon offers its advertising and marketing services for sellers, allowing you to target keywords and get products in front of your target audience.

If you have a budget available for advertising, Amazon offers multiple types of ad campaigns, whether you want Amazon to automatically place your product ads where they think is relevant, or you prefer to create manual campaigns and target specific keywords.

There are multiple types of ads available, whether you prefer to create innovative custom ads or stick to display ads. What’s more, you only have to pay per click, so you can benefit from tons of brand exposure and visibility without necessarily having to pay for each person that views your ad.

4. Be Proactive with Your Inventory

Although you can benefit from the FBA program, you still need to manage your inventory effectively. Amazon uses the inventory of brands as the main ranking factor when deciding where and when to display certain products.

Letting your inventory fall too low or letting a product go out of stock completely can not only impact your sales but can influence the overall rankings of your products overall.

5. Content is Key

An overarching Amazon selling tip to keep in mind is that content is king. If your product listings are not well written and informative, no one will buy from you. When describing your products, you should aim to tell a story of your brand, be creative and use bullet points to spell out your product’s key features.

Social media is a free tool to use to your advantage, with Facebook and Instagram offering plenty of highly visual ways for you to demonstrate your products and direct people straight to your Amazon listings. Amazon understands the importance of promotion on social media; hence you can even create your own social media discount codes to use, offering your audience an incentive to click through to your product listings.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to Amazon selling tips, your third-party selling strategy is what you make of it. The more time, resources, and budget you have to invest, the more visibility you will gain and the more revenue you can generate. In a nutshell, you can build up your inventory over time until you have a multi-faceted, educated and highly profitable Amazon selling strategy in place, learn more on amazon brand registry how it can help you win more customers.