Advertising on Mobile – Advantages and Steps

Advertising on Mobile – Advantages and Steps

Advertisers and media industry have finally recognized the huge potential of advertising on mobile, with most mobile marketing campaigns yielding significant business opportunities and results. The inexpensive nature of mobiles has given it a huge reach, even in developing countries.

Effective Steps for Advertising on Mobile

Advertising on mobile, a powerful mass medium capable of reaching one’s potential consumers, can be done effectively with the following steps:

  • Capturing customer mobile numbers: Set up a form on the website to capture customer cell phone numbers. Since mobile marketing is permission based, one way to attract consumers to sign up is by offering special announcements or insider news.
  • Welcome new readers: When customers sign up to receive updates from your company, they should receive a message such as “Welcome to my company’s mobile updates”. The message should also include how often they will receive updates and a number they can text to stop receiving future updates.
  • Include the company name in all mobile advertisements: It is important that your customers know who the advertisement is coming from. Shorten links in the ad, and optimize the content of the link by designing them with the mobile in mind.
  • Plan the campaign’s long term success: Incorporate the campaign with other marketing tools to generate traffic to your website
  • Hire an agency specializing in mobile advertising: A specialist can assist you in designing banner or interactive messages. They can also help you in fine tuning your marketing campaign to yield maximum results and help master complex technology.

Advertising on Mobile: Benefits

Here are some benefits of advertising on mobile:

  • Drive response and brand relationships: Mobile marketing campaigns have a strong customer response. Strong response rates are a result of uncluttered mobile screens. Relatively few ads make the ones present on screen more likely to attract response.
  • Deliver more personally or location targeted messages: Mobile handsets are highly personal devices and mobile media will be highly personal as well. Delivering valuable and relevant information on mobile handsets has a huge potential to move consumer relationships with brands to a higher level. Location also increases relevance, as mobile interaction creates opportunities to reach people and helps activate other marketing campaigns, whether online or other media.

As mobile handsets become more advanced, so does the technology available on cell phone advertising. iVdopia is a leading company specializing in innovations in the field of mobile advertising, visit for any queries.

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