The Beauty of Bezel Engagement Rings in Dallas

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Looking for an engagement ring isn’t an easy task for men. They try to find the perfect one that fits their partner. Engagement days are special events therefore engagement rings are meant to be special too. Engagement ring symbolizes the love that the man has for his partner that’s why it is not just a simple ring. Women love surprises and the best surprise they want to get is seeing their man with a sparkly ring in his hands. Bezel engagement rings in Dallas is a good choice for your girl and here are the reasons why:

Bezel Setting Rings are Durable

In bezel settings the center stone is enclosed in  a metal rim which makes the stone more protected. With this set up  it makes the ring more durable because the center ring is not exposed to getting damages, unlike on prong settings where the stone is protruding. In bezel settings the top of the stone is the only one visible the body is hidden on the metal rim. Durability is important especially with women who have an active lifestyle. This way they don’t have to worry too much on damaging their engagement ring. 

Unique Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Customizing your bezel engagement ring is possible , a lot of designs can be done using these settings. To be able to get the ideal ring for your partner. Make sure to list down all the information that can help you in assembling a perfect ring for her. Factors to be considered include the shape she likes, the gemstone she prefers although diamonds are always the winner when it comes to choosing stone for engagement rings. However, some women may prefer their birthstone. 

Bezel Settings are Flexible 

Bezel can be classified in two major styles: Half bezel setting and full bezel settings. Half bezel settings means that only half of the stone is surrounded by metal, usually on the sides while full bezel settings encloses the whole surrounding of the center stone. Bezel settings can be applied to rings with one or several stones, even additional stones can be in bezel settings. There are also ring mounts that are bezel settings, if you have your stone then buying one of this can be a good idea. 

Styles For Bezel Setting Ring 

Bezel Set Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

If bezel setting is used in an emerald cut diamond, the appearance of the diamond becomes larger. Customers  can opt for a smaller emerald cut diamond and just use bezel as their settings. In   rings the size of the stone matters a lot, the bigger the better.  The large table of the emerald cut plus the effect of the bezel setting is a winner in making the stone appear larger. 

Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Some women like it the old-fashioned way, that’s why vintage designs are still being created up to now. You can base it on Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco. Find a jeweler who is good at making antique details on rings so you can have a satisfying result. Vintage Bezel engagement rings would be perfect for girls who love intricate details. 

Bezel Halo Engagement Ring 

In halo settings the center stone is surrounded by smaller stones . This effect can boost up the appearance of the center stone and make it appear larger and brighter. This is perfect for women who want their ring to sparkle big time. The combination of bezel plus halo setting can make the ring protected as well as more brilliant. 

Bezel engagement rings in Dallas are available on jewelry stores so you can choose from their designs or have one customized. They can assist you on the designs you desire as well as other details like shapes, carats and cut off your diamonds for your engagement ring. If you want a ring that can last longer as your relationship  shows blooms, a bezel setting is perfect for you to choose as your engagement ring. You won’t regret your choice one you see the actual ring, start to make our designs now and be ready to visit your jeweler so you will be ready to make your partner happy with your bezel setting ring. Make it as unique as possible by putting your preference on  it and let your jeweler assist you in making this happen.